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Sutton-on-Trent Primary and Nursery School

Sutton School shines


Our Photos

Take a look at what we have been learning recently . . . 

Diamond Class 2015/16


              Pottery                       Static Electricity




            Synagogue                      Sports Hall                         Baking




            Class Snails              Red, White and Blue                Fables




 Mr Born and Milky Joe         Lion Learners            Actions for Poetry






         Art in the style              Maypole Dancing

         of L.S. Lowry



         The Work of           Famous Artist Research        Henry Moore

        Beatrix Potter 




       British Authors               Ruby's Art Prize                Investigating







       Shadow Portraits               Authors                  Place Value Lesson





      Imaginary Planets            Eye Lesson                   Fraction Walls




         Stone Age              KS2 Trip to YWP          Animal Adaptations

          Paintings                                                      Class Research

Diamond Class 2013/14


                                       KS2 Performance



     Fun in Numeracy          Making Lanterns            Village Walk





       Viking creations           Lion Learners                   Perlethorpe























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