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Sutton-on-Trent Primary and Nursery School

Inclusive, Aspirational, Positive, Resilient, Supportive, Dedicated



We are committed to high quality learning opportunities and maximised progress for all pupils. We recognise that children learn in different ways and at different rates. Some pupils face difficulties accessing traditional learning and we seek to break down barriers for these pupils. 

Our SENDco is Ms J Bond. We are always happy to talk with parents who have concerns about the needs of their child. 

What does the SENDCo do?

The SENDco is responsible for anything relating to 'Special Educational Needs and Disabilities' (SEND) within the school.  This ensures that special educational needs are identified, and that the appropriate support is put in place.  Other duties include:

  • Supporting staff
  • Supporting parents/carers
  • Making referrals to outside agencies for pupils, when necessary
  • Forging strong links with outside agencies, gathering advice, and making sure that their recommendations are implemented
  • Ensuring that pupils have the appropriate support and equipment
  • Supporting transitions, by linking with other schools, to ensure that these are as smooth as possible for the pupil and parents
  • Making requests for statutory assessment of pupils, where necessary

Our School SEND policy